The following program information and guidelines aid in the continuation of our program’s high standard of excellence. Adherence also helps to ensure the safety and enjoyment for everyone enrolled in our programs. Please read carefully and contact us for further information if required.

  1. The lessons are 45 minutes long with a freeskate period before and/or after the lesson. The lesson does not necessarily begin on the hour. Please be on time as it maximizes your instructional time on the ice.
  2. Skates should be fitted properly and professionally. Molded figure skates ARE NOT recommended.
  3. Sharpening of skates is very important. Poor sharpening ruins more skates than any other cause. Frequency of sharpening depends upon the type of skating, ice conditions, etc. Figure skates require special sharpening. Ask the instructors for specific information regarding sharpening.
  4. Care of skates: Blades should be protected by guards when walking to and from the ice surface only. After skating, blades should be dried with a cloth and covered with SOFT protectors.
  5. Skating clothes: Skating apparel should be close fitting but not tight. Bulky clothing should be avoided as well, as it may impair movement and balance.
  6. CSA APPROVED HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for Hockey Skills Development/Power Skating and Learn to Skate classes as students may fall and sustain serious injuries. Please make sure mitts, laces, etc., are not hanging down as they could cause injury to the skater. (Bicycle helmets are not permitted).
  7. PLEASE CHANGE SKATES IN DRESSING ROOMS (not in the lobby). Assigned dressing rooms are posted on the whiteboard in the lobby.
  8. Parents are encouraged to observe the lessons but are asked to refrain from talking to the child during the class, as disruptions could cause important instructions to be missed.  Parents, who must leave the arena, please arrange for another parent to look out for their child as the instructors do not have time to tie skates or take skaters to the bathroom.
  9. Spectators please refrain from standing or sitting in the hockey bench or penalty box areas
  10. PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE ICE AT ANY TIME.  There will be skaters on the ice to assist the children. Skaters may enter the ice area after the zamboni doors have closed and a supervisor has entered the ice surface.

The first few weeks may appear chaotic.  We will be evaluating and trying to find the best class for all the skaters.  Please be patient. Read the following article to aid in first day orientation.